Are you a service biz owner or independent professional, struggling to grow your practice? Do you feel that you’re missing some of the “copywriting basics” that turn browsers to buyers and clickers to clients?

Then come join Cathy Goodwin on Thursday, June 18 10:00 a.m. PDT, 1:00 p.m. EST.  She will talk about how you can use copywriting secrets to conquer the two biggest challenges faced by most independent professionals who want to grow their businesses online: building your list and attracting more targeted, high-quality clients.

It’s hard to imagine the old days when we built our businesses by networking all over town, meeting strangers for coffee, offering lots of free stuff, and hoping for referrals. Today, chances are you can grow your business from the cozy comfort of your home office. Even if you work in a field that demands face-to-face contact, you can still use your Internet marketing techniques to attract more lucrative business with a lot less effort…so you have more time and energy to serve your current clients (which means you’ll get more referrals). Best of all, you’ll enjoy more time with family, friends and whatever matters most to you.

Class topics include…

* Exactly how to use the 3 critical components of a client-attracting web site

* What you must write before you create your opt-in page

* How to get clients to see you as “The Expert” (so you get higher quality clients who will appreciate your value)

* How to avoid the problems of attracting the “wrong” clients (so you save time and look forward to your sessions)

* Instantly diagnose mistakes most professionals make with their Internet marketing message

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