Hello everyone,

A month ago, I  started hosting my own BlogTalkRadio show every Thursday at 10:00am PDT.

At first I featured local savvy business leaders, but then I have been approached by some incredibly talented people with-in my social networks, so I’m opening it up to local and national savvy business leaders and inviting you to contact me to feature you!

Our topics range from self care, social media (which is a broad topic), business growth coach, success stories from business owners who used adversity to carve a new career path, and much more.

My goal is to encourage and edify others, provide insight, tips and resources to help people succeed with their personal and professional relationships.

I welcome you to contact me at analucia.novak@gmail.com to be my special guest – I’m loading my calendar for  2011.  So far my November and partial December is already booked.

This November and December, @LissaDuty and I will be hosting a Social Media Hour with a topic each week, but it will be a loose agenda, as we really want people to engage and ask questions. We want to help people kick start their 2011 with confidence in utilizing social media tools to enhance their presence and grow their business.

Please bookmark my BlogTalkRadio site and add the number 347-843-4092 to your calendar!

– Every Thursday at 10am PDT – Savvy Business Leaders

– Every Wednesday at 2:00pm PDT – @LissaDuty and @AnaLuciaNovak Social Media Hour for November and December.  Of course, all calls are recorded for later viewing!

This Thursday at 10:00am PDT,  I am featuring Jeffrey Levine,Tamian Associates

Jeffrey Levine is Your Social Media Visionary at Tamian Associates. Imagine being able to get your strong message, products or services out to your target audience, in your area while attracting new clients, profits, media opportunities. What if you could position yourself as the hub of the wheel of your market place as the authority in your market? http://tamianassociates.com/ 408-844-4576

I look forward to seeing you there!



via Social Media Paradigm w/ Social Media Account Manager & Entreprenurs Ana Lucia Novak.