• Set up social media system and processes
  • Internet & Social Media Marketing
  • Promote Event (conferences, seminars, off-sites, & training) using social media tools
  • Maintain SalesForce; ConstantContact; Aweber; (CRM experience)
  • WordPress set up and maintenance
  • Article & Video Marketing
  • Coaching & Mentoring solo professionals wanting to break into a virtual business world
Promote Your Events

There are times when all you need is help promoting your next Meetup, Teleseminar, Webinar or Workshop. I know personally how long it takes to submit “the event” to multiple sites.  I have a list of online places where I’d submit your event to ensure maximum exposure.

I usually submit the event under your user name for various sites, as well as leverage my followers base on Twitter, FaceBook, and Linkedin. All in all, submitting an event to multiple sites take about 4 hours, and additional  hours to manage and maintain it.

A-la-carte services

  • Setting up a sign up code (Aweber/ConstantContact) and copy/paste code on your WordPress website
  • Setting up autoresponders linked to that sign up code
  • Setting up a sign up code & autoresponders for Teleseminar, Webinar, Workshop and promoting it
  • Ghost Tweeting during your one hour Teleseminar/Webinar using Tweetchat

Social Networking|Social Media Strategy|Online One on One coaching/mentoring

Discuss the appropriate  tools, resources, methodology around your social media marketing activities

  • Assist you with goal setting, objectives, and social media strategy and execution

I will submit a summary of our call and include a list of tools, resources and step-by-step strategy to execute your social media marketing activities.

Coaching/Mentoring: Starting your Online Business as a Virtual Assistant

  • Assessment of your background and skills, work/life experience will help me determine the various steps you need to implement now while you are still employed!
  • Suggest online training courses; provide you with list of online vendors for training, certification, website hosting companies, etc.

You’ll get an email with a summary of our call, and a step by step process which you need to complete (fictitious name filing, EIN #, business checking account,your branding/messaging, company name, service offerings, ideal clients, website development, training recommendations, social networking sites creation and strategy, & more)

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