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As you know, the business of blogs has grown and evolved significantly over the last 24 months. A quote from the site puts it best…

“Blogging is growing both in the US and especially internationally. Tens of thousands of new WordPress blogs are created every day – by regular bloggers, companies, large media publishers, and many others. In addition, we seeing a trend that’s potentially even bigger than blogging: Publishers are starting to use WordPress as a platform to create all kinds of sites beyond blogs – large and small company sites, online magazines, social networks, travel sites, scrapbooking sites, contact managers, startups, multimedia archives, video sites, sports sites.”

Isn’t this cool? Ten of thousands of blogs being created DAILY! Businesses are using blogging technology to create company websites, social networks, video sites, membership sites and so much more.

The sad reality is that a good portion of these blog sites won’t last more than a year as they are lacking some key success strategies for optimizing and marketing their blogs.

Well now there is a great remedy for that problem…. has recently launched a new 2-week mini-course titled, “Blog Marketing Tips, Tools & Tactics”

As I have reviewed course, I see two valuable reasons for taking this program:

1.  This blog marketing mini-course will give you some advanced and current marketing and optimization skills that you can offer as a high value and “in-demand” service to a fast growing base of blog site owners.

2.  Many of you may currently be using a WordPress blogsite as your primary online business presence, which is very smart! This two-week training program will essentially provide you with a blog marketing tune-up and blueprint for your site, so that you can increase your targeted traffic, business visibility and new client leads.

This two-fold purpose will have a strong impact on both your business visibility as well as new income opportunities!

To get all the details on this important new training program, just click on the link below:

I found this article today while catching up on my reading today.  Written by Diana Ennen, Author, “Virtual Assistant: The Series, Become a Highly Successful”, and President of Virtual Word Publishing, offering publicity and marketing.  The link for this article is:

Virtual Assistants (VAs) are highly skilled professionals who provide administrative support and specialized services to businesses, entrepreneurs, executives, and others who have more work to do than time to do it. Examples of services a VA can do include publicity and marketing, web design and maintenance, word processing, meeting and event planning, desktop publishing, article and press release submissions, internet research, bookkeeping, business start-up consultations and so much more. This can be the perfect work-at-home opportunity for many with good computer and Internet skills.

Following are several Do’s and Dont’s to keep in mind for starting and operating your Virtual Assisting business.

DO — Decide on a targeted market and initially focus your marketing efforts in that area. By developing a “niche” in your field, your reputation spreads quickly and soon you become a recognized expert. Several specialties include: publicity, medical, legal or business transcription, resume consulting, transaction coordination — real estate industry, working with authors, academic typing, internet research, etc.

DO — Be creative about where you can find business. The Internet offers a large variety of potential for clients just waiting for you to contact them. Actively network and don’t limit your marketing to simply sending out one press release, placing a few ads in newspapers or the Yellow Pages, or posting on a board or two. You want to find where there might be a need- and go fill it.

DO — Write a complete business plan and marketing plan. Too many leave out this vital step and waste valuable time unorganized and without a clear-cut goal and direction for their business. When starting a business you will have tons of ideas floating around. You need to materialize all these and put them into a workable plan of action.

DO — Develop a website that looks sensational! Your website is often the first connection a potential client has with your services. It must immediately let them know that they are dealing with a professional. Your site must then have the POWER to draw them to you and contact you. Let them see that you value quality by the look and feel of it. Tell them why you are qualified to be their VA. Be sure to include why you are the best! For example, if you have been featured in articles, radio shows, etc., have them listed with the dates.

DO — Learn everything you can about starting a business. Knowledge is power and the more you know, the greater your chances for success. Look to online services and message boards and chats to talk with other Virtual Assistants operating a business. Remember these are often run by pros who have been in business for years and are willing to share their experience.

DO — Join associations that are targeted for our Industry. By connecting with these associations and being active, you learn from them what works and what doesn’t and you are able to post your questions to associate members via list serves often getting answers to your questions within minutes.

DO — Read, read, read. By frequently continuing to increase your skills and your knowledge of your profession, the end result is a more confident satisfied you. Every tip you get from a book can be a new tool in your business. I recommend highlighting areas from several books and adding them to your library. Keep in mind that you might not use that idea today, but it might apply to specialties you might add down the road.

DO – Enjoy. There’s no greater feeling than landing that first client or finishing your first big project. Plus, wait until you get the opportunity to tell someone you own and operate your own virtual assisting business. It sure beats I’m a secretary at …. Plus, when you enjoy your business it shows. Your clients will sense your positive attitude and want to be a part of your team.

DON’T — Underprice your services. The average virtual assistant today makes $25 to $100 an hour, depending on their skills, services offered, location, and years of experience. Don’t make the mistake of assuming if you charge the lowest prices, you’ll get the most work. You won’t. Instead, you’ll end up working outrageous hours for peanuts! Clients will pay more for professional services. When clients see a lower rate they often anticipate less quality of services as well.

DON’T — Overextend yourself. One of the common mistakes many virtual assistants make is to accept too much work and then not be able to accurately complete it. Learn now to say no, or get a qualified subcontractor. Remember one of the most important ingredients for success is keeping your clients satisfied. If you are overextended, it can jeopardize your business.

DON’T — Get discouraged. It takes time to get a business going. Plan ahead and have extra money. Don’t buy items until you have found the best possible price and there is an absolute need. This advance planning takes the pressure off of having to make money NOW. If things are slow and the phone just isn’t ringing … MAKE IT RING!! There’s more work than ever before with all the added publicity today, you just need to go out and get it.

Finally, the most important ingredient for success is your belief in yourself. If you believe in you, there’s nothing stopping you. DREAMS DO COME TRUE. SOMETIMES YOU JUST NEED TO MAKE THEM HAPPEN.

Diana Ennen, Author, “Virtual Assistant: The Series, Become a Highly Successful”, and President of Virtual Word Publishing, offering publicity and marketing.  Free to reprint as long as bio remains.

Considering a career as a Virtual Assistant?

Author: Ana Lucia Novak

multibusinessimageThe recent market conditions and massive lay-off’s has caused many of my friends to reconsider their career paths. Recently several of my friends asked me about my business as a virtual assistant. I told them that a Virtual Assistant is someone who offers his or her expertise to a specific target audience on an hourly basis or a monthly retainer fee. A Virtual Assistant is administrative at it’s foundation, but a person can specialize in event planning, website design, content/copy writing, internet marketing and advertising, or as an Online Business Manager. A Virtual Assistant is a business owner and not an employee or contractor.

When a client decides to purchase my services, they do not have to worry about purchasing new equipment ( laptop, printer, etc.); pay my taxes nor provide me health benefits. This is strictly a professional relationship, hopefully a long lasting, collaborative one.

They expressed a tremendous amount of anxiety about quitting their jobs, and felt a little uneasy about the process. My recommendation for anyone is to KEEP your day job, but to leverage your time and finances to get your ducks lined up in a row:

  1. Assess your current skills
  2. Take a Myers Briggs Test and understand your working style
  3. Review your resume and write down the common theme – which will tell you what you love to do (and don’t like to do)
  4. Write down the type of work you enjoy – tailor it towards a particular type of client: this can be a coach, speaker, event planner; online business (retail) owner, real estate, legal, marketing, public relations or advertising
  5. Get plugged in with at least 1-3 virtual assistant sites such as: or These sites offer resources and list seasoned and professional VA’s who are very helpful and insightful
  6. You still need to get some kind of training because it will also help your “mind-set” when you transition to working for yourself as a VA: Virtual Assistant training through AssistU, EA to VA by Sydni Craig-Hart, or JERPAT Training by Patty Benton
  7. I highly advise training in internet marketing, social media marketing and e-commerce – even if you don’t want to offer these services to your clients, you will want to apply some of these tools to your own business
  8. Once you get through at least 6 months of training and certification courses then you will want to hire someone to build and design your website offering your services, get listed in every Virtual Assistant organizations, Yahoo, Google, and MSN, and other directories

I highly recommend that you hire a Virtual Assistant who specializes in website build and design who can whip out a tasteful, classy website that will reflect your personality, professionalism and attract the right type of clients. Their prices are affordable and because they’ve “been there and done that”, would be able to provide you excellent advice about your site.

If you would like to learn more, please feel free to email me at and I will be happy to help spare you time and resources and point you in the right direction!

About the Author:

Ana Lucia Novak is the owner of Cyberqueen VA Solutions. Cyberqueen VA Solutions specializes in providing high level organization and online business management support. Her services include but not limited to Internet marketing;Social media marketing; Blog Posting & Maintenance (preferably WordPress!);E-commerce; and Creating and Using Auto-responders

Article Source: ArticlesBase.comConsidering a career as a Virtual Assistant?

Have you been following the events and turmoil unfolding in Iran right now? Better yet, have you checked out the tweets (Twitter) from the many young Iranians who desperately want to see a true democracy in their country?

I find it truly amazing how Twitter is providing a global voice to those that typically would not even have a voice in their own country. They are able to share their plight and situation and gather global support like we have never seen before.

As Social media and sites like Twitter and Facebook become more popular in mainstream media, we are also seeing a corresponding increase in the number of businesses that want to leverage Social Media to grow their business.

There is truly no better time than right now to position yourself as a Social Media Marketing Specialist.

As you may know, we are still running a “early summer special” on our Social Media Marketing Specialist Certication program. You can save an additional $100 on our program by enrolling today!

Check out all the details on this program by clicking on the link below:

$100 Discount Code: SUMMER09

If you have any questions about this program, please don’t hesitate to email VA Classroom at:

Have a great rest of the week!

(Written by Craig Canning, VA Classroom)

Are you a service biz owner or independent professional, struggling to grow your practice? Do you feel that you’re missing some of the “copywriting basics” that turn browsers to buyers and clickers to clients?

Then come join Cathy Goodwin on Thursday, June 18 10:00 a.m. PDT, 1:00 p.m. EST.  She will talk about how you can use copywriting secrets to conquer the two biggest challenges faced by most independent professionals who want to grow their businesses online: building your list and attracting more targeted, high-quality clients.

It’s hard to imagine the old days when we built our businesses by networking all over town, meeting strangers for coffee, offering lots of free stuff, and hoping for referrals. Today, chances are you can grow your business from the cozy comfort of your home office. Even if you work in a field that demands face-to-face contact, you can still use your Internet marketing techniques to attract more lucrative business with a lot less effort…so you have more time and energy to serve your current clients (which means you’ll get more referrals). Best of all, you’ll enjoy more time with family, friends and whatever matters most to you.

Class topics include…

* Exactly how to use the 3 critical components of a client-attracting web site

* What you must write before you create your opt-in page

* How to get clients to see you as “The Expert” (so you get higher quality clients who will appreciate your value)

* How to avoid the problems of attracting the “wrong” clients (so you save time and look forward to your sessions)

* Instantly diagnose mistakes most professionals make with their Internet marketing message

Register at

Can’t make the live call? Don’t want to pay long distance charges? No problem. When you register, you get on the list to be notified when you can get the audio recording. And you can listen from your computer — no long distance calls needed.

Presented by: Shahab Kaviani,

DATE: Thursday, June 18, 2009
TIME: 5p PST / 6p MST / 7p CST / 8p EST
(Need some time zone help? Go to:
COST: Not a dime!
WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Any and all solo and small business owners.

Yours in goodness and success!

Danielle K.Danielle Keister
Founder & Virtual Assistant Expert
Virtual Assistance Chamber of Commerce

“For our own success to be real, it must contribute to the success of others.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Rebecca, Ana and Linda Lee

Rebecca, Ana and Linda Lee. I met Linda Lee and Rebecca Martin at WordPress Camp in San Francisco. Linda is infectious, positive and knowledgeable, so you will walk away with additional insight about your website and blog. If you don't have one, she can help you with concept and design, as well as optimization for your website and blog.

Rebecca Martin is Founder of She is an advice/career coach and has keen insight into individuals. The short time I spent with her helped me feel empowered and hopeful; I was quite motivated afterwards! She will be discussing the pros of Networking.

I decided to schedule a solid Meetup for the group Silicon Valley Virtual Assistant for Thursday, June 18, 2009 and was grateful to Linda and Rebecca for making the time for me and my group to speak to us.  Linda will talk about getting started online. She will cover websites, blogs and basics on getting started. “7 Reasons Why Every Business Owner Needs to have a Website or a Blog” followed by Rebecca Martin on Networking.

For information and to RSVP, please go to:


Linda Lee is a writer, speaker, educator, and website designer. She is currently working on her book “Smart Women, Stupid Computers,” a simple and easy guide to using your computer. Available for consulting and coaching, she helps people launch blogs and websites and trains then in how to get traffic to their sites and to maximize their website presence with the use of blogging and search engine optimization of their websites. Linda is passionate about empowering people to take charge of their computer, showing clients with laughter and enthusiasm that they can make it work for them.

This explains Linda’s slogan: “Don’t Let Your Computer Outsmart You.” Linda is co-president of the Women’s National Book Association’s San Francisco Chapter and a speaker and volunteer coordinator for the San Francisco Writers Conference.


Rebecca Martin, founder of California based dear jane…, a career advisement company…, believes that people can succeed in landing the “perfect” job if they can first identify what is right for them.

As a corporate recruiter in Silicon Valley in the ’90s, Rebecca saw firsthand the personal and professional disorientation of thousands of workers displaced when the tech bubble burst. From this unique vantage point, Rebecca analyzed corporate clients’ hiring processes; job applicants’ resume-writing abilities and interviewing skills; and hiring managers’ practices and procedures.

By 2002, Rebecca had identified a pivotal factor in the success — or failure — of an individual in his or her chosen career: the ability to articulate a personal vision.

In 2004 Rebecca launched dear jane… with a proprietary career advisement program that includes career assessment, resume writing, interviewing methodologies, and compensation and other negotiations and much more.

Today, dear jane… develops and delivers career management training classes, workshops, seminars, and coaching to Fortune 1000 companies as well as individuals throughout the United States. Since its inception, dear jane… has enjoyed a 98% success rate in coaching clients through career transitions, successful interviewing, salary negotiations, and the like.

Rebecca’s speaking engagements take her to college career centers, job search work groups, professional association meetings, job fairs, Employment Development Department offices, and One-Stop Career Centers. She is an official Trainer for the US Government Employment Development Department (EDD).

A USC graduate with a B.S. in Business Administration, Rebecca has written and published the booklet “83 Tips on How to Successfully Work with Corporate and External Recruiters.” \She belongs to the Women’s National Book Association. She has recently appeared as a Career Consultant to the View from the Bay San Francisco’s ABC afternoon show.

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