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Blending Traditional Marketing and Social Media is the Key to Success!


Create a solid foundation for your social media success. Apply the tried and true marketing techniques of figuring out your key messages, your brand experience, your objectives, your calls to action, the measurements you’ll use, and the way social media fits into your whole marketing strategy.  Once these are in place, success is a matter of execution instead of mystery.


We’ll talk about what happens when these pieces aren’t in place, how to create them, how to test your foundation, and what to do next!


President of Marketing Possibility and also known as the Social Marketing Diva, Kathryn Gorges is at the forefront of the trend toward blending social media with core business strategy. With a renaissance background in fashion design, economics, philosophy, and high-tech marketing, she has become known for her sixth sense for authenticity and her ability to illuminate the vision and value at the heart of the client’s business. The core of her business is her knack for leveraging that ability into increased profits and quality customer relationships for her clients. As a popular speaker and consultant, she specializes in branding and social media strategy for small to mid-size corporations.


Kathryn has held marketing and sales leadership positions at IBM, Amdahl, Stratus, and Tandem.  She has served in executive roles on non-profit boards and community organizations.  Kathryn has a Masters in Philosophy from Stanford University and a BS in Mathematics from William and Mary and an MBA from Santa Clara University.




I want to take this time to wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

2010 has been an active year for me client wise. I started my Virtual Business Services in 2007 and at that time,my vision was to work part time for local companies (start-up’s) in Silicon Valley.

In 2009, I spent a considerable amount of time taking online courses in Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization & Marketing, and many technical classes in video, article marketing, FaceBook, as well as investing in becoming a certified Online Business Manager.

At that time, I was just taking each day as it came, and wasn’t sure what direction I would use this training for, but I started attracting my ideal clients in the Fall of 2009, before I was complete with any of my training. It’s been an exciting year, and a year of growth for me. I now have a staff of 3 people helping me!

I spent 20 years in the high tech industry, and taking online classes helped me form a language around my knowledge and skills set (stuff I didn’t know I knew until I was exposed to it). If you’ve been “watching” me, then it’s pretty obvious that my passion is social media marketing and technology and that I’m a coraxious reader. Since I’m an organizational fiend, using technology around social media makes the process simple and efficient, so my focus is spending time with people who can’t seem to wrap their arms around the process or they’re in it, but overwhelmed by the amount of data and content pouring into their emails and technical gadgets.

January 2011 will be a month spent on changing the look and feel of my website, don’t want to bore you with the details, as it’s mostly technical changes, and a fresh update on my business model, direction, and service offerings. But I have a few new additions to my business model.

I host my own BlogTalkRadio show every Wednesday and Thursday:

– Wednesdays at 2pm PST is Social Media Happy Hour (a blog with notes will be posted, and all calls are recorded for future listening)

– Thursdays at 10am PST Savvy Business Leaders featuring local and national leaders who will share their success stories, tips, products and service offerings.

SocialAna newsletter: This will be a short read, I will feature an iPhone app (since I’m an avid user and it’s saved me countless of times!) There will be social media technical tips (all designed to save you time, frustration, and propel you towards a successful social media experience) and a calendar I events, so that we can have a chance to meet in person!

Blogs will be written around the Social Media Happy Hour and around events, Meetups, and anything new under the sun that I’m involved in!

I’m sorry I’ve not taken the time to formally introduce myself and to connect on a deeper level, but I want to take this time to tell you that I appreciate having you in my network here on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin, for all the mentions, retweets. and sharing of content.

I want to make it worth your time to know me and add value to your lives, so I welcome feedback, suggestions, questions around internet marketing, social media, and anything around running an online business.

I wish each of you a wonderful, safe week, and hope that we will communicate and connect in 2011!

Happy New Year- May each of you who are reading this be blessed with new business, honor, respect and goodness all through out 2011.

Sincerely from my heart to yours,
Ana Lucia

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Is your Social Media in the RED or the BLACK? #BlackFriday

Is your Social Media in the RED or the BLACK? #BlackFriday

Every year I go shopping on Black Friday and I have been planning my route and purchases, it got me thinking about my clients’ social media and what I do to help them get out of the RED and into the BLACK. I decided I am going to share some information to help YOU get out of the RED and into the BLACK, I am going to be offering some BLACK Friday specials for social media coaching sessions. First, let me give you a little background on BLACK Friday.

BLACK Friday has many meanings. The one that triggered this blog post is the one for retailers.  The Friday after Thanksgiving is known to be one of the largest shopping days each year and many stores run huge sales and open extra early to encourage extra foot traffic. It got the name BLACK Friday because many retailers that were running in the RED often sell enough merchandise to put them in the BLACK on this day and throughout the remainder of the holiday shopping season that follows up to Dec. 24th.

I want to ask you to read the following and consider is your social media in the RED or the BLACK?

1. Do you log into your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account because you feel obligated? Do you think to yourself I have to go in and post a status update/send a Tweet because I haven’t done it today, this week or this month? Are you only doing enough to get by?

If you are using social media as a strategy to grow your business, consulting practice, sell books, websites, whatever your business may be and you are posting status updates because you feel obligated – STOP! If all you are doing to work your social media is an obligatory daily, weekly or maybe even monthly update DON’T bother.  For social media to work for you and your business you need to have a presence ONLINE on a repeat basis. Remember, customers do business with those they “Like, Know and Trust”. You are not achieving this goal with your obligatory updates. You are wasting your time and energy. (Sorry to be so direct, but part of my relationship with my readers is based on honesty and forthrightness!)

You need a structured plan, great content, ideas and a presence that one update will not get you. You need to be using groups, discussion boards, chats, conversation and comments to establish a relationship with your connections and a rapport that you can not achieve with an obligatory update.

2. Do you tweet on Twitter, post status updates to Facebook, or LinkedIn, etc…. on a regular basis, but only have 20 people following/friends/connections? Do you get any “Shares”, “Likes”, “Comments” or “Retweets”?

Part of social media is a numbers game.  I am not saying you need to have 10,000 etc… connected to you online for social media to work, but you do have to have an audience, i.e. when on Twitter your Tweets are seen by those following you. A new person to Twitter doesn’t always understand/realize that if you only have 20 followers only 20 people are seeing your Tweets, maybe.  If they are not online when you send the Tweet they may never see it.  I will see many times someone on Twitter sharing great content, but have no audience. I immediately realize (1) they don’t understand this concept or (2) don’t know how to get more followers.

Shares, Likes, Comments and Retweets: This is a great way to know and see if (1) people are actually seeing your updates and (2) see if you are sharing the kind of content  your followers/friends/connections are interested in reading.  If you don’t know what I mean when I say “Shares”, “Likes”, “Comments” or “Retweets”, or ever get them, your social media is in the RED.

3. Are you still logging into Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc… via a web browser? i.e. Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc…. to view and post status updates.

Using the web browser to access your Twitter account is good for some things, however there are better tools available to help you manage your social media accounts. Tweetdeck is my favorite! Hootsuite is another popular tool for this purpose. There are many to choose from. You can actually use Tweetdeck to view Tweets of those your are following, and the Facebook and LinkedIn updates of your friends/connections.

You can use a Tweetdeck to post updates to your Twitter, Facebook Profile, Fan Page and LinkedIn accounts.  You can select which accounts get which updates and you can even schedule them in advance. It’s important to have activity on your social media accounts throughout the day at peak times, not just when you have the opportunity to be online.

I hardly every log into Twitter through the web browser, Tweetdeck has integrated all most all of the features available on Twitter through the browser to work with the Tweetdeck.  You still will log into your Facebook and LinkedIn for important aspects of social media.  I actually just teach/coach on using the Tweetdeck to schedule updates to Facebook and LinkedIn.  Everything else within these social media networks you will do through the browser for the most part.

4. Have you heard of the tools I mentioned above and you keep thinking to yourself I need to learn about them and be using them more? Or are their names Greek to you? Have you tried to use these tools and they confuse you?

Ask for help!!! Ask friends using these tools to teach you, go to YouTube and search for tutorial videos others have made on how to use them. You may find the best and most cost effective route in the long run, when you consider your time, energy and frustration is to hire a social media professional to teach you.

As part of the social media coaching services I offer training on Tweetdeck. I coach my clients on how to create a presence on social media, how to use each social media tool and understand whatever thing means. We focus on marketing strategy and maintenance, which can be performed mostly through a Tweetdeck, one centralized area.

5. Have you claimed your business listing on Yahoo Local, Google Places, Bing Local, etc …? Are you using Ping.Fm, Google Reader, Social Oomph and Twellow? Do you even know what these sites/tools are?

 If you aren’t REGISTERED on them this is a sure sign your social media is in the RED.

Does this blog post trigger more questions for you? I am going to stop here and close with this advice:

Learn the best way!
Increase your followers/friends/connections!
Stop with the obligatory updates!
Share tips, content and resources!
Ask for help!

If you want to get your social media out of the RED and into the BLACK use the acronym above as a guide! Learn more about the BLACK Friday social media coaching packages I have available!

I look forward to your comments, feedback and tips! It’s an important part of learning for all of us! So comment away!  Thanks in advance for “Commenting”, “Liking”, “Sharing” and “Retweeting”! LOL!

Written by: Wendy Montes de Oca, Precision Marketing

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PPC Testing For Market Research and Product Development
Next time you have a concept or direct mail package you are about to launch … test it on pay-per-click (a/k/a display ads) first. This can be done on Google, Yahoo or Bing.
This is a great way to gauge general market sentiment that is cost effective and fast.
You can test headlines or concepts. For example, seeing if a topic is of interest to general public before creating an entirely new product.
Create your ads and run them for about a 2-week period. Make sure all your ads are different but link to same landing page.  The offer can be a short free report of related matter.
You’ll have an idea at the end of the testing period, based on clicks and conversions (or lack thereof) how your package (or concept) may perform before it actually goes live.
Having this insight will help save you money and allow you to tweak copy, offer, landing page and other important conversion elements.
Depending on your keywords used, placement, daily budget, and some other variables, your entire campaign should only cost a few hundred dollars.

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Wendy Montes de Oca, MBA
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Make Your PDFs SEO Friendly!
There’s a misconception out there that search engines don’t read (spider) PDFs.

They do. Of course, HTML pages are faster to index than a PDF, but they can be indexed. The trick is to know how to set up the PDF to make sure you get maximum pick up by the search engines.

Here are the top 5 tips to help make sure your PDFs on your website are optimized for search engines…

1. Make sure each PDF file is text based and has the correct document properties set up. When the search engines spider a PDF, they extrapolate the text from the information fields within the PDF … so it’s critical what meta data and keywords you have in these fields. The important fields are: author, document title, description, file size and modification date.
2. Remember to tag the PDF and use anchor text and links within the file. Just as SEO best practices tells us for a website, this method is also viable for PDFs. In addition, make sure your links are not buried deep within the PDF file. Have them at the root level … easy to find for search engines.
3. If you have a large PDF file, consider breaking it into smaller relevant groups, sections, chapters, etc. These sections should be tagged accordingly with accurate, relevant keywords. This is not only reader friendly for humans, but also for search engines, since as I mentioned, it takes longer to spider a PDF than HTML.
4. Check the PDF file format version number and make sure it’s readable by search engines. Typically, the version to use is Acrobat 5/Adobe XMP (PDF V. 1.4 or 1.5).
5. Finally, make sure the reading order in your PDF is logical and flows. Again, this is user friendly for humans and search engines. However, your reading order, for a search engine perspective, will give you an idea of what will be displayed in organic search results. To do this, when your PDF is open, select Advanced-Accessibility-Add Tags to Document. Then select Advanced-Accessibility-Touch Up Reading Order. After you do this, the reading order of the PDF will be displayed.
So if you have PDFs on your site already, it’s a good idea to review them to make sure they were originally set up correctly for search engines.
Don’t let your PDF content get overlooked … optimize it today!

Social Marketing: Hype or Hidden Treasure?
My friend, copywriting expert and best-selling author, Bob Bly, had an interesting discussion about social media on his blog.

In a nutshell, there was a comment about how using standard direct response marketers metrics, social marketing is a waste of time.

I disagree and here’s why:

Social media, in my opinion me, is a hybrid between relationship/network marketing as well as direct marketing.

It’s relationship marketing if you know how to be a strategic thinker as well as be creative with your marketing messages. In other words, what to say and where to say it. Targeting is key. You have to look at each social media website to see if it, and it’s users, are the right fit for your marketing message and business. Then, you need to craft your message accordingly. And that requires good creative, copywriting skills.
(Editor’s Note: I’ve had tremendous success with LinkedIn, Twitter, Digg and StumbleUpon, but not so much with Facebook. For my business, Facebook users are not necessarily the decision makers I want to get in front of to help build my consulting business. However, I still promote my website on Facebook and include links to my lead gen and product pages. I get to enjoy ancillary traffic and the backlink (SEO) from a top ranked website, but I don’t count on real, solid leads from this source.)

It’s direct response as you can measure results. Granted, it’s not as cut and dry as some other online marketing methods, like email.where deliverability, clicks, opens, sales, and ROI is concrete. But, for me (and my business), I can specifically track any leads or sales I get back to specific social media platforms. And I can measure traffic to my website via Google Analytics from those same sites.

As a core direct marketer, I don’t waste my time on something I can’t tie a metric to.

Here’s How I measure Social Media: Look at the “3 O’s”-Outputs, Outcomes and Objectives.
1.    Outputs measures effectiveness and efficiency, such as new subscriber sign-ups and spikes in Web site traffic during your campaign. And it measures analytics, such as referring Web site sources, visits, unique visits and visit percentages.

2.    Outcomes measures behavioral changes such as internal customer/subscriber feedback (calls, e-mails, forum postings) on your Web site, as well as external reputation monitoring or visiting targeted chat rooms during your campaign looking to see the “buzz.”

3.    Objectives compare direct product sales during the time of the campaign to other sales that occurred before the campaign. So it establishes a baseline, giving room for sales assumptions tied to your effort.

Use Free Online Tools:
1.    Google Analytics

-Check the “referring sources page” to see how much traffic was generated by LinkedIn.
-Look at overall traffic to website during same time period of your effort.
-If you have a sign up/email form, look for lead spikes during time period of your effort.
2.    Google Alerts
-Set alert for your name, your company name, and keywords in your content. You’ll get notified via Alert if content/your message gets picked up and goes viral.

3.    Backlink Checkers
-Google Webmaster Tools – Check back links going to site during same time period of your effort.
-Link Popularity Check – Link popularity analysis is one of the best ways to quantifiably and independently measure your website’s online awareness.
-Sample free tools:,,

What do you think?

Hot Marketing Ideas: Getting More Leads For Less!

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company, local proprietor, or online publisher everyone is looking to make more money, get more leads and grow their business … for less.
Below are some ideas to help you do just that.
  1. Online press releases could be a powerful tool that’s often overlooked. There are many free online press distribution services, like, that can help get your message on the web and picked up by media sources, online news aggregators and bloggers. If you have a relevant, useful, newsworthy message…turn it into a press release. In addition to driving traffic to your site, the link you embed into the online release will help you with SEO link-building efforts.
  2. Classified ads and internet bulletin boards are not just for selling items any more. They are a powerful way to create buzz, initiate back-links and drive traffic to your site. Many sites like Craig’s List, which is a “Top 50” site that reaches over 40 million people, offers free postings and many categories to suit your message. Crafting the right ad for your objective just takes some creative thinking. I’ve used this platform successfully for many lead generation efforts.
  3. Leveraging local or regional newspapers with an editorial piece or captivating print ad is also a great trick I’ve used with fantastic results. You simply search online for list of newspapers by city or state, then narrow down your list by newspaper circulation. If you don’t have the budget for advertising you can offer the newspaper valuable content with your name and contact information mentioned in your byline or editorial note. Surprisingly, there are many regional newspapers that sell advertising space dirt-cheap. Years ago, I was targeting high net worth individuals. I researched the richest counties in America, and then those respective newspapers and publications within those counties. Aspen, Colorado was one area where a print ad cost me roughly $500. That ad generated several sales (I only needed 1 lead to breakeven) and produced an ROI of more than 1000%.
  4. Partnering with synergistic companies is often a tactic that doesn’t get as much priority as it should. In my opinion, at least 25% of a marketing professional’s role should be business development and relationship cultivation (including affiliate marketing). Reaching out to “friendly competitors” opens the door to a plethora of possibilities including revenue share deals, joint venture agreements, guest editorials, and reciprocal ad swaps (in ezines). These efforts cost virtually nothing and help with both your sales and lead generation efforts.
  5. Advertising on blogs and ad networks with either banners or text ads is another great way to target a particular prospect (by either channel or genre) and costs a reasonable fee. There are many high traffic blogs for almost any niche out there and some rates are under $1/CPM. With this, research and strategic targeting as well as relevant, powerful creative copy is essential. I’ve been advertising on select blogs for many years with great results. Some cost-effective networks worth checking out are:, Burst Media and
  6. My SONAR Content Distribution Model TM is another cost effective, yet powerful, way of repurposing and synchronizing content (albeit text, audio, video) distribution into various, targeted channels. And it allows companies, publishers, entrepreneurs … basically anyone with content on their website … the ability to ultimately turn traffic into sales. For more information, check out
  7. Pay Per Click can be a viable way to bring in leads and sales. Although in my experience, it’s hard to get a conversion with a “cold lead” that is over $99. The “sweet spot” seems to be products between $19.99 – $59.99. This is ideal for lead generation efforts of low cost info-publishing products, like paid eBooks. And you don’t need to break the bank either. With a robust keyword selection and bid management tool as well as engaging text ad and landing page copy, you could bring in several thousand names per month and spend less than $2,000 (which is about a $1/CPL). Note: for saturated markets (such as real estate related terms), certain keywords may cost a little more to get exposure.
There’s many more ways to market your business effectively … and “cost” effectively. It’s just a matter of being a creative marketer.

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Soon To Hit eTailers and Retailers Nationwide…
I’m working on a new book that is slated to hit stores and online retailers next Fall.

This is very exciting for me.  Although I’ve had many articles published in top business and Internet marketing publications as well as written several eBooks … it’s my first ‘real’ book … and I am the sole author.
The book will be based on my acclaimed SONAR Content Distribution Model TM and will have loads of useful, practical, & proven strategies I’ve used for the last decade to make more than $150 million in total revenues for the companies and consulting clients I’ve worked for.
I’ll release the name soon as well as keep you posted on my progress.
Stay tuned!

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via Social Media Paradigm w/ Social Media Account Manager & Entreprenurs Ana Lucia Novak.

Please join us on Thursday, October 8th to hear Yvonne Urness, share her experiences, tips and resources on Social Media Marketing

Yvonne Ohumukini Urness, owner of YouConnected (, is a social media coach, consultant and speaker who helps small- and medium-sized businesses stay relevant in today’s rapidly changing business climate by integrating social media into their existing marketing efforts. She works with individuals, businesses and groups, teaching them how to create easy-to-use social media strategies, specific to where they are and what they want to accomplish. A seasoned marketing communications professional, Yvonne has developed effective marketing and communications for Cisco, Nokia, Orange Labs (formerly France Telecom), Network Magazine, and the California Apartment Association, to name a few.

This is a must RSVP event:
When: October 8, 2009 6:00 PM

Palo Alto Wine Room
520 Ramona St
Palo Alto, CA 94301

Price: $22.00 per person

RSVP limit: 30 “Yes” RSVPs

Have you been following the events and turmoil unfolding in Iran right now? Better yet, have you checked out the tweets (Twitter) from the many young Iranians who desperately want to see a true democracy in their country?

I find it truly amazing how Twitter is providing a global voice to those that typically would not even have a voice in their own country. They are able to share their plight and situation and gather global support like we have never seen before.

As Social media and sites like Twitter and Facebook become more popular in mainstream media, we are also seeing a corresponding increase in the number of businesses that want to leverage Social Media to grow their business.

There is truly no better time than right now to position yourself as a Social Media Marketing Specialist.

As you may know, we are still running a “early summer special” on our Social Media Marketing Specialist Certication program. You can save an additional $100 on our program by enrolling today!

Check out all the details on this program by clicking on the link below:

$100 Discount Code: SUMMER09

If you have any questions about this program, please don’t hesitate to email VA Classroom at:

Have a great rest of the week!

(Written by Craig Canning, VA Classroom)

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