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Presented by: Shahab Kaviani,

DATE: Thursday, June 18, 2009
TIME: 5p PST / 6p MST / 7p CST / 8p EST
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COST: Not a dime!
WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Any and all solo and small business owners.

Yours in goodness and success!

Danielle K.Danielle Keister
Founder & Virtual Assistant Expert
Virtual Assistance Chamber of Commerce

“For our own success to be real, it must contribute to the success of others.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Rebecca, Ana and Linda Lee

Rebecca, Ana and Linda Lee. I met Linda Lee and Rebecca Martin at WordPress Camp in San Francisco. Linda is infectious, positive and knowledgeable, so you will walk away with additional insight about your website and blog. If you don't have one, she can help you with concept and design, as well as optimization for your website and blog.

Rebecca Martin is Founder of She is an advice/career coach and has keen insight into individuals. The short time I spent with her helped me feel empowered and hopeful; I was quite motivated afterwards! She will be discussing the pros of Networking.

I decided to schedule a solid Meetup for the group Silicon Valley Virtual Assistant for Thursday, June 18, 2009 and was grateful to Linda and Rebecca for making the time for me and my group to speak to us.  Linda will talk about getting started online. She will cover websites, blogs and basics on getting started. “7 Reasons Why Every Business Owner Needs to have a Website or a Blog” followed by Rebecca Martin on Networking.

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Linda Lee is a writer, speaker, educator, and website designer. She is currently working on her book “Smart Women, Stupid Computers,” a simple and easy guide to using your computer. Available for consulting and coaching, she helps people launch blogs and websites and trains then in how to get traffic to their sites and to maximize their website presence with the use of blogging and search engine optimization of their websites. Linda is passionate about empowering people to take charge of their computer, showing clients with laughter and enthusiasm that they can make it work for them.

This explains Linda’s slogan: “Don’t Let Your Computer Outsmart You.” Linda is co-president of the Women’s National Book Association’s San Francisco Chapter and a speaker and volunteer coordinator for the San Francisco Writers Conference.


Rebecca Martin, founder of California based dear jane…, a career advisement company…, believes that people can succeed in landing the “perfect” job if they can first identify what is right for them.

As a corporate recruiter in Silicon Valley in the ’90s, Rebecca saw firsthand the personal and professional disorientation of thousands of workers displaced when the tech bubble burst. From this unique vantage point, Rebecca analyzed corporate clients’ hiring processes; job applicants’ resume-writing abilities and interviewing skills; and hiring managers’ practices and procedures.

By 2002, Rebecca had identified a pivotal factor in the success — or failure — of an individual in his or her chosen career: the ability to articulate a personal vision.

In 2004 Rebecca launched dear jane… with a proprietary career advisement program that includes career assessment, resume writing, interviewing methodologies, and compensation and other negotiations and much more.

Today, dear jane… develops and delivers career management training classes, workshops, seminars, and coaching to Fortune 1000 companies as well as individuals throughout the United States. Since its inception, dear jane… has enjoyed a 98% success rate in coaching clients through career transitions, successful interviewing, salary negotiations, and the like.

Rebecca’s speaking engagements take her to college career centers, job search work groups, professional association meetings, job fairs, Employment Development Department offices, and One-Stop Career Centers. She is an official Trainer for the US Government Employment Development Department (EDD).

A USC graduate with a B.S. in Business Administration, Rebecca has written and published the booklet “83 Tips on How to Successfully Work with Corporate and External Recruiters.” \She belongs to the Women’s National Book Association. She has recently appeared as a Career Consultant to the View from the Bay San Francisco’s ABC afternoon show.


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When I first began my virtual assistant business in 2006, I jumped in with both feet and applied my corporate mindset to my virtual assistant business model. If I could change anything, I would have spent more time reading, networking, and listening in on what virtual assistants were saying through International Virtual Assistant Association (, VANetworking and Virtual Assistant Chamber of Commerce (VACOC). You could observe their interactions and get a good feel about the work, clients, issues, and suggesting training. Most of VA’s are extremely helpful and willing to help you. It’s an online family, but it does take time to transition your mind-set from corporate to virtual.

In addition to online research, I would have searched for books on Amazon related to Virtual Assistance. Most of the books would prepare your mind-set, ask the right questions to get you thinking about your brand, messaging, and service offerings. There are suggestions on setting up your web-site, how to optimize it, and market them to your target audience. They have been at it longer than me, so they would know the pitfalls, how to spot a nightmare client, and even provide suggested forms, contracts, and vendors to help you get started on the journey of being a VA professional. I have a list of suggested books on my website

I had the right idea, but I think I would have been spared a few experiences had I read some of those books, and carefully considered my options before jumping in with both feet. As an optimist, I saw it as an opportunity to carve out my career path and start over. I had nothing to lose.

There is another aspect to consider: the mindset from corporate work to working as a virtual assistant is very different. I made the mistake of approaching my VA business with the same mindset as I did in a corporate environment. It worked well for me in that environment, and I naturally assumed it would work as a virtual assistant. Even though I did win a few clients here and there, I felt limited and stuck in certain ways and it was quite frustrating. I couldn’t take the client to another level: having the on-going, collaborative partnership and help grow their business. I had the wrong types of clients. Mind you, no mistake or failure is ever wasted. I saw it as growing pains, and it helped me stop what I was doing and evaluate my approach to my business and to ask important “why” questions.

I came to realize that even though I had 20 years of excellent work history and exceptional skills, I wasn’t conveying to my prospects what I do, who my target audience is, and what sets me apart from other virtual assistants. When I would interview with a company in person, I always was selected for the final round. But when you work on-line, they can’t “see, hear or experience you ” in a real and personal way. So when prospects came to visit me and my website, even though they were impressed with my experience and skills set, they walked away unsure of what I “really did”. Part of my message was that I worked on-site and virtual. For corporations who were looking for someone like me, they didn’t want to share me with any other clients virtually, so I lost out on on-site projects. For clients who were willing to hire me as a virtual assistant, they had concerns that being on-site would interfere with being available virtually. So I had to analyze and ask the “who, what, why and how” questions to help me narrow my specialities down to a specific set of skills (what I love to do and have passion for) and to consider what types of people I wanted to work for (coaches, authors, online business owners who sold products or services that excited me and would motivate me to right actions for their success).

This information didn’t come to me immediately. I honestly didn’t even know where to start, but when I signed up for various mailing lists written by virtual assistants for virtual assistants, I discovered a new world of opportunities! When I assessed my background and skills set, I realized that early on in my career, I was always assigned to sales and marketing departments, and that I had alot of energy around the programs and projects that were related to events, tele-seminars, webinars, off-sites, speaking engagements – anything that was sales and marketing, I had energy and passion for it! I also realize how stifling I felt as a basic administrative assistant.

In addition to taking training classes, I am a firm believer in having a coach who can assist your transition from corporate to virtual. For instance, Patty Benton of JERPAT Training and Coaching, offers affordable coaching classes that can assists you with the basic step by step plan on starting out as a VA. I also suggest that you look into the Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing Certification courses through These particular classes are self-directed, so you are able to participate at your convenience. Most of your clients are “online” business owners who are selling products and services so it is important to know the various resources and tools (and there are many) to offer up to your clients. My final suggestion is to purchase Tina Forsyth’s book, “Becoming an Online Business Manager” and VANetworking also hosts several training courses related to virtual assistants, so it wouldn’t hurt to become acquainted with those options.

While you are working in corporate, utilize this time frame to take training classes, write your business plan out, visualize the type of clients you want to work for, write it all down; decide how much money you want to make per year; put some money into savings to invest in a new computer, printer, phone, software applications, memberships, training, and semnars and decide when you want to quit your job and actually start working as a VA. Most VA’s usually quit their full time jobs when they have active clients on an ongoing basis. Others have signed up with other VA’s to subcontract for them, and have enough work to sustain them. The bottom line is, if you do what you love, you will have passion and energy behind all your actions, and will do it well. It may take time in the beginning to win over clients, but you want the right kind of clients, so it’s important to start out on the right foot and have your ducks lined up in a row.

Between these three suggestions, you will embark on an exciting journey of becoming a professional Virtual Assistant.

101 Ways to Use a VA (Cindy Greenway)