Do your homework Before starting a social media twitter campaign get onto and conduct keyword searches on specific #keywords. will offer you a number reach, a number of impressions, and how many times it was retreated within 24 hours. I have found this to be quite helpful in helping me decide which Hashtag to use Around Specific Twitter Campaigns. I Suggest That Before You Run A Twitter Campaign that you Conduct Online Research Around Specific Topics That You Know How To Craft Really Great Headlines, then using your Shorter for Your URL And Then AppendaA smart hashtag at the end of your Tweets. When using Twitter to share a promo or special, create 10-20 different headlines, then append the hashtags at the end of your tweet. Use a scheduler, like Hootsuite, Crowdbooster or SproutSocial to schedule your tweets through out the week. Don’t forget to submit your special under appropriate, relevant LinkedIn groups under the Linkedin Promo tabs. Welcome to Ana Social Marketing Digital Corner! I will be sharing quick updates on how to improve your online presence across social media channels, utilizing hashtags, SEO keywords, offering my perspective on strategy and tactics, tools that will enrich your social media engagement, grow your community, set you up as a leader and create new opportunities. Thank you for your visit and feel free to post your name, company and offerings on

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