> Do you know what 90% of your prospects and customers do? They ROBO.
> > So what does ROBO stand for? Research online to buy offline and it’s one > of the most important dynamics that local business need to understand in > order to gain a local competitive advantage.
> > In conjunction with Small Business Week in the United States I’m presenting > a livestream webcast where I’ll reveal 5 Ways to Use Your Online Presence > to Drive People Into Your Stores, Meetings, Presentations and Offices.
> > We’ll stream the event from a recording studio with multiple cameras and > slides so the experience will be a lot like attending an in person event at a > conference.
> > The event is being help Wednesday, May 23rd at 11am CT > (www.worldtimebuddy.com for time zone conversion)
> > You can join the thousands of small business marketers that tune in via > the web or you can join one of our live satellite events hosted by a Duct > Tape Marketing Consultant in your area. > > Either way, this is must know information for local businesses.
> > Sign up here – http://ducttapemarketingconsultant.com/smallbusinessweek/
> (When you enroll you will also receive the recorded version after the event.)
> > Regards,
> > John Jantsch
> Duct Tape Marketing
> > PS: Join us is support of small business week by passing this email to 5 or 10 > business owners in your network.
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