Kred Rapportive

How influential are your Email contacts?
The Kred Raplet for Rapportive will tell you

Rapportive Kred RapletKred is now a Raplet for Rapportive, a free Gmail addon that shows you everything about your contacts right inside your inbox.

With the Kred Raplet installed, the Rapportive sidebar instantly shows the Kred score of everyone who sends you an email. Just mouse over their name to see their Kred Influence.

You can even give your contacts a little gift of Influence Points with +Kred. If your correspondent is someone who influences you, click the +Kred icon to award them 70 Kred Influence Points – and you’ll get 30 Outreach Points for your generosity, too.

At Kred HQ, we are all huge fans of Rapportive. If you are a Gmail user and your browser is Chrome, Firefox or Safari, we highly recommend giving it a try.

Look below for instructions or
click here to install the Kred Raplet

All The Best,

Joshua Miller
Kred Community Manager

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Install The Kred Raplet

Getting the Kred Raplet is simple. Once you have Rapportive installed, visit the Rapportive Raplets page, look down the page for Kred and select Install:

Select Kred Raplet

Select the Add Kred to Rapportive button:

Add Kred to Rapportive

Run through the Twitter oAuth routine to authorize PeopleBrowsr and Kred to use your account in Rapportive:

Authorize Kred Raplet

That’s it! Once you’ve completed these three steps, refresh your browser and Kred will be part of all your Rapportive sidebars.

Click here to get started with the Kred Raplet