You could always hire a social media agency or a social media consultant to do the job, but hiring a person or a firm to handle your company’s social media accounts can be an expensive affair. Morever, giving others the power to manage your brand’s social media presence comes with its own set of risks. Nobody can understand a company’s purpose and goals better than its internal workforce. Wouldn’t it be great than to train your own employees to handle the company‘s social media accounts?
But, how does one go about training the staff to manage social media accounts and who amongst the employees can best handle this task?

This infographic from Mindflash offers some useful tips that you can use to motivate your company employees to drive its social media success. The first step would be identify and categorize the staff into different groups based on their familiarity with the web technology and social media platforms, and train each group independently so as to guide them to put their social media knowledge to some practical use.

Check out this infographic for more details on this.…

Written by Swati, blogger at Buzzom