I am amazed at how people come up with creative ways to help their communities without having to sacrifice our environment. Below are stories about what people (past Goldman Prize winners)  are doing around the world – inspirational and motivating stories that touch my heart. 

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Latest news from the Goldman Environmental Prize
March 2012

Goldman Prize winners do more than inspire hope, they prompt action. Whether they are motivating a grassroots movement to take action half-way around the world, or influencing court decisions across state lines, the impact of their work is far-reaching.

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Ursula Sladek Inspires Movement in Japan

As the one year anniversary of the Fukashima nuclear disaster approaches, we are reminded of the importance of clean energy. One Japanese woman was so inspired by Ursula Sladek’s campaign for a nuclear-free future, she decided to start one of her own.

Wanjira Maathai Visits the Goldman Prize Office

Wanjira Maathai, daughter of the late environmental leader Wangari Maathai, stopped by the Goldman Prize office to discuss the future of the Green Belt Movement and the Wangari Maathai Institute for Peace and Environmental Studies. >>>

Turkish Investors Pull Out of Dam Project in Georgia  

Manana Kochladze and the team at Green Alternative celebrate a victory as the last remaining investors in the massive Namakhvan Cascade dam project pull their support after learning of the devastating environmental risk associated with the project. >>>

Executive Order Forces Via Verde to Find New Routes

Puerto Rican governor Luis Fortuno’s executive order calling for the Via Verde pipeline project to identify alternate routes is a major step in the right direction for Alexis Massol-Gonzalez and the team at Casa Pueblo. >>>

Washington State Rules Against CAFO Pollution

Lynn Henning’s fight to bring (concentrated animal feeding operations) CAFOs to justice is having a nationwide impact, as Washington state charges a CAFO with violating the Clean Water Act. Henning will be speaking at a screening of the new film “American Meat.” >>>

Prize Winners in the News

Ka Hsaw Wa examines the connection between natural resource exploration and human rights abuses in an op-ed in the Los Angeles Times, “When Big Business and Human Rights Collide.” Ursula Sladek featured in Sojourners Magazine. >>>

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