Post Tagging, Visualizer, Revamped Recommendations

One of EdgeRank Checker’s most valuable features is custom tailored Recommendations. Today, we’re unveiling a refreshed look with brand new, powerful functionality.

Custom Tags
One of our most requested features was the ability to custom tag individual posts. Custom tags are now here, and can be leveraged within Recommendations. Users are able to tag any post with any tag type. We recommend creating a few categories of post types such as promotional, giveaway, question, or any specific strategy. Once you’ve created a few custom tag types and applied them to your posts, you’ll be able to look at custom tailored Recommendations based off the tags. Custom Tags now provide a never before seen level of control utilizing Engagement building Recommendations.

How Do I Tag My Posts?

On the bottom of your Page Overview, under Page Posts, simply rollover an individual post and click “Add Recommendation Tag”. If you have any issues, please reset your cache and try again. After tagging all relevant posts, you are now able to drill Recommendations down to look at specific tags. This is a powerful feature, as you are now able to look at different strategy recommendations.

A brand new graph called Visualizer helps our users visually understand when their fans are engaging with their content. We only examine “successful” posts within this tool to help reduce clutter.

Additional Recommendations
We now provide the next level of granularity with “Next Best” and “Third Best” recommendations. This helps our users understand alternative post strategies to improve their average EdgeRank. Of course, a user can drill down into any of the graphs below to further understand our recommendations and alternatives. These additional recommendations will change over time depending on the success of these strategies.

Date Selection
In our Recommendation Engine, we allow the user to drill down into each specific day. Previously, this data was looked at from our entire collection of data. Now we allow the user to select the time frame to be analyzed. This allows certain campaigns, seasons, product releases, and more to be better understood. Simply select the drop down date selector to set the time frame you’d like Recommendations to analyze.

In The Future
We feel this is one of our most valuable features and will continue to work to improve it. If you have any feedback please feel free to contact us with your ideas!

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