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Custom Animated Video Logo for Your Company – Only $150!

Value: $249.00
Discount: 40%
You Save: $


Why This Is A Great Deal:

  • Save time and money, and look great doing it!
  • Businesses with a video presentation convert 50% more leads into sales
  • Brand all your videos with the same amazing look and feel
  • Capture the viewer’s attention in just 10 seconds (don’t waste leads!) 
  • Easy implementation and quick turn-around time
  • Get immediate results with dramatically positive feedback
  • Want some variation? Buy a few LogoVideos (at the discounted price) to use with different campaigns and products.

You’ve paid Google Adwords for the visitors to your website, now it’s a matter of keeping the customer there. You can’t flub it by looking like the other guys.


Rather than slapping your logo on the front of your video, like most often do, LogoVideos gives you an elegant alternative. Start your video with a smooth, finished effect, complete with sound.


Your 10-second video intro will immediately catch the viewers attention. It’s a big push to winning over the customer before they’ve even had a chance to consider your message. Bam! They’re hooked!

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