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2012: The Year Social Marketing and Social Customer Service Get Cosy

By Joshua March – Gartner has predicted that the marketing budget dedicated to customer loyalty and retention will double by 2015. Two-way conversation is new for this department, and to make an impact in social media it will be necessary to redefine its role – taking notice of many priorities that typically lie with Customer Service.  » Continue…

Digital Trends: Strategies for Reaching and Influencing Connected Consumers

By Brian Solis – In 2011, the digital landscape underwent a significant shift that will have profound effects on business in 2012. The challenge is that hardly any business leaders noticed. That’s not their fault however.  » Continue…

Creating and Monitoring Your Organization’s Social Barometer

By Jennifer Roberts – In order for social media programs and their subsequent measurement to gain further support in the enterprise, they have to be tied to key business metrics. Tracking and reporting on ‘Likes’ and mentions does not give your organization enough solid data to know if your business is moving the needle in the right direction.  » Continue…

Best Buy Customer Service Still at Odds

By Douglas Hanna – Best Buy just can’t get it right, and customers continue to complain. Even the company’s promotion on used videos this weekend piled up consumer complaints as customers couldn’t find what they wanted in either the stores or online.  » Continue…

Customer Satisfaction Can Still Be Satisfying, Even When It’s Not Enough

By Dr. John R. Miller – Customer satisfaction is not a poor measurement unless it happens to be where you stop in the progression of moving your customers. In other words, customer satisfaction is only a problem insofar as most companies who measure it seem to settle for satisfied customers.  » Continue…

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