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Social marketing for search marketers Download white paper
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Social marketing for search marketers
Use social media for a more profitable
search strategy
How re-tweetable are your Tweets? Do the right followers “like” your brand on Facebook? Are you actively advertising on LinkedIn and YouTube?
Use social with search
If you are not leveraging popular social media channels in your search marketing then you may be missing out on key opportunities to acquire and convert website visitors. According to Search Marketing Now’s latest white paper “Social marketing for search marketers” search marketers are increasing brand influence, website traffic, and sales conversion by advertising on social media channels.
Boost search marketing ROI
Download this Search Marketing Now white paper to get recommendations for aligning your search and social strategy in the upcoming year.
This white paper discusses:
  • Three strategies to maximize Twitter’s impact on SEO
  • Tips for Facebook ads, events, groups and places
  • Common principles between social and search marketing

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