Jan 4, 2012
Vol. 11, No. 3

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In This Issue
+ How-To: Personal Branding Trends for 2012 (Part 1)
+ Slide Show: Nine Great Ways to Avoid Being a Thought Leader
+ PRO: Tame the Giant—The Complete Guide to Facebook Marketing
+ Survey Says: Facebook Top Search Term and Top Website of 2011
+ Quick Take: How to Bridge the Brain Gap in Your Loyalty Program
+ My View: Marketing Smarts—Mobile Marketing’s New Frontier
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In this book chapter from Being the Boss, Professor Linda Hill discusses the paradoxes confronting managers and helps you manage yourself, network, and team. Learn more about being the boss from Hill and other renowned faculty at Harvard Business School Executive Education.
How-To Personal Branding Trends for 2012 (Part 1)
By William Arruda
Over the years, personal branding has proven to be an effective technique for enabling career success. But how we build our brands is evolving. Learn six personal branding trends for 2012 that’ll help keep you ahead of the pack. Read More
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Slideshow Nine Great Ways to Avoid Being a Thought Leader [Slide Show]
By Craig Badings
Do the words “thought leader” give you cold chills? If you don’t want the limelight and you desperately want to conceal your expertise, take these nine steps to fade into obscurity. Read More
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PRO Tame the Giant: The Complete Field Guide to Facebook Marketing
Get the most out of your Facebook presence with our new, 55-page guide to Facebook marketing. You’ll discover the top tools, tactics, and strategies to consistently improve your efforts. Plus, it includes plenty of B2B and B2C examples, so you get the information you need to succeed. Read More
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Advertisement   Small businesses often have small budgets, but BIG marketing goals. Reach your goals with MarketingProfs University’s Marketing Your Small Business, an 11-class online course that runs from Jan. 12-25. Save at least $200 with code BIGGOALS (expires 1/11/2012).
Survey Says
Facebook Top Search Term and Top Website of 2011
Facebook was the most popular search term and the most popular website in the US in 2011, taking top honors for the third consecutive year in the search-term category. Read More
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Quick Take
How to Bridge the Left Brain-Right Brain Gap in Your Loyalty Program
Want to deliver the critical “wow” factor that draws customers into loyalty programs? You’ll need to understand how your customers think—and learn what drives them to buy. Here are three tips that’ll help you select the right rewards for your program. Read More
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My View Marketing Smarts Podcast: Mobile Marketing’s New Frontier
By Matt Grant
Whenever we present content on mobile marketing, we get the question: What are the B2B applications? I’ve often wondered if B2B marketers could be thinking about mobile—specifically, mobile apps—in other ways. Read More
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@JasonFalls How Much Does Social Media Cost Companies in 2012? Important intel @mackcollier updates each year. USEFUL
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Forum Today’s Question
By stlubahn 1/2/2012 at 10:59 AM
If we provide our clients’ names and titles in our customer testimonials, are we giving away too much information to our competitors? Go To Question
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