INFOGRAPHIC: Email marketing on the rise for small business

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More and more evidence points to effectively closing the loop with your Facebook audience by reaching them ‘offline’ and via their inbox. Further extending your connection and interaction offline (outside of Facebook) has proven to further increase audience retention and revenue. Walkthrough the the Infographic below to get a better idea of the landscape of Email Marketing and be sure to check out one of  the following email/newsletter applications we have available for your Fan Pages.


Create an Email Newsletter for your Facebook Pages The free Email Newsletter application enables your fans to keep track of new activity on your page. Automatically send the latest feeds from your page to your fans’ email inboxes.




ShortStack makes it ridiculously easy to make custom tabs for your Facebook Pages. You get to focus on your design and let ShortStack handle all the details.




The MailChimp app helps you add a mailing list signup form to an app on your Fan Pages

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Developer Highlight: GroSocial


Fans, followers, and conversations are great, revenue is better.

This is the maxim that GroSocial 100% stands behind. That is why they have worked long and hard to build one of the most simple/easy-to-use/design-friendly Fan Page Tools available. And it delivers. Not only is Customizer (GroSocial’s Facebook Fan Page Tool) stuffed with all the bells & whistles to create engaging and high converting Pages but they’ve also baked into the product an analytic dashboard that tracks every action a user might experience within a Tab (everything from Page Views to who clicked on what and when etc.) What this really means??? Knowing what content, when the action occurred and how often is one step closer to better understanding what your customer’s behavior on Facebook and that much closer to tying this action to revenue.

We’re pleased to welcome GroSocial & Customizer to the marketplace. Setup your free account today. Special thanks to Kevin for taking time out of his busy schedule to

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What people actually look at on your Facebook Fan Page


[Post via Mashable & Sarah Kessler]

In an effort to catch your eye on their Facebook pages, brands have experimented with apps and splashy profile photos. But in almost all cases, it turns out, the humble Facebook wall itself steals the show.

In an webcam eye-tracking study for Mashable by EyeTrackShop, the 30 participants who viewed top Facebook brand pages almost always looked at pages’ walls first — usually for at least four times longer than any other element on the page.

SEE ALSO: Here’s How People Look at Your Facebook Profile — LiterallyOn average, the smaller pictures above the wall were noticed 85% of the time, and the “likes” column was noticed just 58% of the time.

Here are some other interesting observations that can be gleaned from the eyetracking maps of Facebook brand pages for Coca-Cola, Skittles, Victoria’s Secret, Starbucks, Converse, PlayStation, Pringles and Red Bull:

  • Content matters. Facebook brand page visitors almost always saw the wall

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Timeline Goes Live for Users Around the World [via Inside Facebook]


Facebook’s new Timeline profile began rolling out to users in several countries on Wednesday night. It appears that typing “Timeline” in the Facebook search bar returns a result for “Introducing Timeline,” which leads to a page explaining the new format and providing an option to upgrade.

Facebook launched Timeline in New Zealand last week, but did not provide a worldwide release date. We are awaiting details from Facebook about the scope of today’s launch, but according to a message displayed when users request to preview the new layout, Timeline will go live on Dec. 21. This gives users a week to preview their Timelines before making them visible to friends and others. [Update 12/15/2011 10:20am PST: Facebook clarified that the opt-in period for Timeline will last for a few weeks. However, from the time users activate the new profile, they will have seven days to review their content before anyone else will see it. If users want to publish their timelines right away,

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Facebook to remove App Profile Pages: What this means for Developers?

facebook FBD featured imagePer a post late last Friday afternoon on the Facebook Developer Blog, come February 1st, 2012 Facebook will be removing all App Profile Pages. Citing the every growing inconsistencies between the automatically generated App Profiles and the more ubiquitous Facebook Pages (access to Insights and Distribution being key differentiators), Facebook is now deciding to kill off these…

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Developer Highlight: Votigo


This week we’re excited to highlight the team behind Votigo — one of the premier social media contest & promotion platforms available on Facebook. Having first launched their platform to serve the Fortune 500 (working with such brands as Coca-Cola, Southwest Airlines, Sharpie, Folgers, & Victoria’s Secret PINK), they have built a reputation in the industry as one of the most trusted partners to help brands build awareness and increase revenue through user-generated contests and sweepstakes. Early last month they announced a new self-serve platform aimed at SMB’s, making them a perfect fit for the users of Appbistro! If you haven’t already done so, please take a moment to check the recently launched Votigo Sweepstakes and Votigo Photo & Video Contests applications. Both are 100% worth the value and come stacked with a ton features to make sure you have all the options when trying to draw Fans into your promotions on Facebook.

Special thanks to Mike, Jim and Shayna for all

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