We’re excited to share our latest new feature: Report PDFs!

This new feature allows you to export a PDF of your page’s most important stats. The PDF is automatically generated to match the time frame you are current viewing. For example, if you are looking at the Month of December, the PDF will examine December; if you switch to November, the PDF will switch to examine November. 

We’ve left our branding off of the PDF Reports to provide a white labeled experience. We are working on expanding the functionality of our PDF Reports to allow custom coloring, along with being able to select the metrics that you care most about. Log in to your Pro account to check it out.

We hope this helps you present your social media work to clients in an easy to understand format. Feel free to reply to this email with any feedback regarding the new PDF Report or voice your opinion on Twitter or Facebook!

We’ve also updated a few metrics in our “Best/Worst” section, to reflect some of our overall Post Grading metrics. The new Best/Worst metrics include: 

  • Average Likes Per Post
  • Average Comments Per Post
  • Average Impressions Per Post
  • Average Shares Per Post
  • Average Clicks Per Post
  • Average Affinity Per Post
  • Average Virality Per Post
  • Average Unique Impressions Per Post
  • Average Unique Storytellers Per Post