This is your last call to register for tomorrow’s (Monday, 10/24) no-cost webinar with Daniel Hall…

==> How To Publish a Beautifully Formatted Kindle
==> eBook TODAY That Sells Like Gangbusters!

Publishing Kindle books is one the fastest ways I know to establish both passive royalty income and generate leads for your business. I get money deposited into my bank account every month from sales of my Kindle ebooks.

…yes, Kindle done correctly can accomplish both of these things for you and Daniel will be sharing these secrets.

But here’s the thing…

Some Kindle ebook customers prefer their Kindle ebooks have more formatting bells-and-whistles.

That is, with more Kindle specific formatting your content is easier for your readers to actually consume.

And as an author/ publisher/ information product creator — THAT IS THE GOAL!

So register for this complimentary training with Daniel Hall here –

In fact, you’ll discover how to…

  • Get an Amazon Digital Text Platform account so you can start publishing immediately
  • Use material already on your hard drive to create your first Kindle ebook
  • Quickly make an attractive ebook cover
  • Actual steps in formatting and publishing your first ebook including where to get and how to use free software to put professional formatting touches in all your Kindle books including how to:
  • Make your ebook navigable with the Kindle “Go To” feature
  • Include an “active” Table of Contents
  • Properly use images and graphics in your kindle books (yes, it is possible).
  • Pricing strategies so you squeeze the most profit out of each title
  • Daniel will even take up it up a notch in the marketing and sales department by showing you effective new strategies for selling more of your Kindle books with less effort.

    There is no cost to attend.

    Register here:
    (if you want to get a link to the replay, you must register too)

    Fair Warning on Time: Daniel is including a bunch of new content on kindle formatting in this webinar so we will probably go over 2 hours. Actually, since this is only his third time teaching this content and he’s not sure how long we will go. Just know that it will be thorough and a great investment of your time to join him live.

    Looking forward to showing you this stuff Monday,

    Denise Wakeman

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    P.P.S. I have 7 Kindle ebooks and receive a royalty check every month. You can do this too, I guarantee it!

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