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Knowledge bank 19/10/2011

HOW TO: Produce an effective web form
Nobody sets out to win the prize for the best online form. But with demand generation or lead nurturing approaches and services on the rise, as a result of the fact that more and more buyers are doing their research online, they are no doubt critical to B2B marketing success – however unexciting they may seem.
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How to produce an effective web form

Whitepaper: The Pure360 guide to the anatomy of an email
Often as you build an email it’s hard to step back and think about what the recipients’ opinion of your brand will be based on the communication. This guide looks at all the different parts of your email anatomy, from subject lines and banners to content and spam warnings, to make sure your emails provide the best possible image of your company.
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HOW TO: Use social CRM as a sales tool
The social CRM market is booming at the moment but the real value of social CRM requires the use of specialist software to find key insights by carefully filtering the web and social media. In order to gain the greatest benefits of this approach however, you’ll first need to break your campaign into three key steps.
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How to use social CRM as a sales tool

Whitepaper – Are all customers equal?
Why waste time and money on unreliable customers when you can focus on the ones who provide the most ROI? This whitepaper will show you how to increase profitability by up to 30 per cent by using money mapping to allow for differentiation of service to maximise your profit from the business relationships you have, and safeguard against wasteful and non-profitable undertakings.
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HOW TO: Use research to optimise your online video campaign
Online video can engage customers with short and informative ads that make the often complex messages of B2B marketing more compelling. Rather than trying to drive customers through to a B2B marketer’s website, online video ads can bring the brand and product experiences to the viewer in whatever online environment they happen to be in at the time.
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How to use research to optimise your online video campaign

WEBCAST: How marketing automation is transforming B2B marketing
19 October at 3.30pm BST
Automation software enables marketing departments to measure what works and demonstrate impact on revenue. By integrating with existing sales force automation systems, it enables marketing to become a true partner with sales throughout the lead management process. In this webcast you will learn how to nurture, score and deliver more qualified leads.
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HOW TO: Use Twitter to generate and nurture leads
For B2B businesses to figure out how they can use Twitter to get real, measurable value, it’s crucial they think first about their potential and existing customers and what their needs are. What would make a real difference to their lives, in relation to what your business offers?
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How to use Twitter to generate and nurture leads
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