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Facebook shows how to monetize the Like button Download webcast + white paper
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Facebook shows how to monetize the Like button
Dear Online Marketer,
What’s the dollar value that a Facebook “like” generates for your business? If you are unable to translate likes to real business metrics such as sales, leads generated, or revenue, then you are not taking full advantage of the opportunity that Facebook presents for your business.
In this joint webinar, Facebook and Adobe share best practices for measuring and optimizing the use of the Facebook Like button. Marketers who measure, test, and optimize their Facebook marketing efforts see substantial gains in their returns. It’s time to make social media a key part of the traditional marketing mix, and Adobe® SocialAnalytics, powered by Omniture, allows marketers to do this by tying social media to business results.
This webcast and white paper discuss:
  • How to monetize the Like button on your Facebook pages
  • Facebook best practices and testing ideas
  • Using Adobe SocialAnalytics to tie social media to ROI
Join Facebook and Adobe for best practices that will help you monetize your Facebook efforts. With proper measurement and testing, you’ll understand where to focus your time and resources to best utilize Facebook as a marketing tactic.

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Webcast + white paper
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