Facebook could kill your fan page this coming Friday <http://clicks.aweber.com/y/ct/?l=L7uxY&m=3gdKd3PE1DxjxWq&b=3cQ5vLgw435k.LheeNipGw>. 
They're making major changes effective October 1st
that require ALL fan pages to be secured.  This effects
If you haven't taken the time to secure your fan page
or don't have a clue on how to do it then read our blog  <http://clicks.aweber.com/y/ct/?l=L7uxY&m=3gdKd3PE1DxjxWq&b=3cQ5vLgw435k.LheeNipGw>
article <http://clicks.aweber.com/y/ct/?l=L7uxY&m=3gdKd3PE1DxjxWq&b=3cQ5vLgw435k.LheeNipGw> <http://clicks.aweber.com/y/ct/?l=L7uxY&m=3gdKd3PE1DxjxWq&b=3cQ5vLgw435k.LheeNipGw>on what to do.
No matter how much we may not like the changes that 
Facebook makes (constantly) we're playing on their
playground for free so we have to follow their rules.
Read this article <http://clicks.aweber.com/y/ct/?l=L7uxY&m=3gdKd3PE1DxjxWq&b=3cQ5vLgw435k.LheeNipGw> and we've even supplied you with a 
free plugin to make sure everything is secure. Leave
comments on the article if you have questions.
Talk soon,
The FanPage Connect Guys

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