Scam Alert in the Downtown  Mountain View

 We recently received word from The Central Business Association's President, Nick Chaput, of Dana Street Roasting Company has experienced the following scam.  We are forwarding his email detailing the experience.  Please feel free to contact Nick directly at or 650-390-9638 or the CBA office.  The MV Police Department is also aware and we encourage you to report any incidents to them at 650-903-6395.

Thank you for your time.
Chamber of Commerce Mountain View

We got a call today from the "Santa Clara County Health Department" saying that there were complaints in our area regarding infested businesses and that someone would be coming out to our establishment tomorrow between 11am to 3pm.  That was the first red flag; the Health Dept. NEVER calls – they only show up or contact by mail.  And they certainly never call to let you know when they are coming.  They told my employee that there would be a "robo-call" coming in minutes that would have a pin number that would be our case number and that we needed to write it down and have it to give to the inspector tomorrow.  They said they would call back to make sure we got the call.  

The robo-call came, my employee took down the number, but then heard the name "Craigslist" given with it.  She suspected something was up, so when they called back and requested the number to "make sure it was correct", she refused to give them the number.  They threatened her with a $500 fine for obstructing the Health Dept., but she still refused, telling them to take it up with me.  She hung up on them.  They called ten minutes later and tried it on my manager who gave them the first robo-call number, which they angrily said was incorrect.  He hung up and they did not call back.
The scam is that they are trying to get the pin number to setting up an account on Craigslist.  In order to set up an account, one must give a legitimate phone number where they can robo-call/text you with a pin number that must be used within 5 minutes.  Once they trick you into giving them the number, there will be a phony account with your business name and number attached to it…but their mailing address where some unsuspecting buyer will send them money for a purchased item, which they will never receive, and then, when the burned purchaser contacts Craigslist when they didn't get their item, your business will come up as the owner and "you" approved the account set-up, so you are responsible.
Take it easy, and stay alert when you take those "cold calls".