Latest Research: 8/15/2011

The Four T’s of Effective Email Campaigns

Find out how to refine your email campaigns and achieve maximum ROI by following the simple steps of: Tailoring, Testing, Timing, and Tracking.


  • The Do’s and Dont’s of Content Creation.
  •   Guide to Writing Persuasive Content.
  •  Strategies to Effectively Segment your List.
  •  Email Tracking Techniques that Maximize Results.

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    5 Strategies to Advance Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

    With the right guidelines-and the right tools-Digital Marketing can provide valuable new ways to connect with customers and grow your business.

    Want to engage more customers and prospects online? Today’s new digital channels give you a fast, cost-effective way to reach out. But to succeed in this arena, you need to tailor your content for a new kind of prospect. Get more from your digital marketing campaigns by delivering your messages in ways that resonate with a web-savvy audience.

    Today’s digital marketing technology can help you engage thousands of prospects at a low cost – but only if you have the right strategy. This white paper will help you overcome the challenges involved in launching successful digital campaigns.


  •   The Easiest Way to Improve Your Email Open Rates.
  •  The Best Place to Begin Cleaning Up Your Online Branding.
  • How to Get in Front of a Busy – and Increasingly Impatient – Audience.

  •  How to Create a Memorable Brand Experience Trough Social Media.
  •  An Easy-to-Implement Technique for Gathering Audience Data.
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    The 7 Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs.

    “Steve Jobs” is synonymous with “innovation.” So it’s no wonder Fortune named Jobs CEO of the Decade. From company culture and customer service to products and marketing, Jobs does, indeed, think differently.

    This eBook by BusinessWeek, explores the 7 guiding principles of Steve Jobs’ success and how you can use them to emerge from the recession stronger, more inspired and more innovative than ever.


  • Why Mastering Your Message is Essential for Your Success.
  •   What it Means to Sell Dreams, Not Products.
  •  How to De-Clutter the User Experience With a Simple Two-Letter Word.

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