Welcome to Online Social Smarts. We are dedicated to sharing social media knowledge, resources and value to you in form of bite size, easy to digest content to help you become confident with social media marketing, to be informed of the latest trends, tools, and valuable resources (so you don’t have to spin your wheels).

Ana Lucia Novak and Lissa Duty have joined forces on this website to offer expertise, guidance and strategy to achieve successful social media marketing campaigns.  There are many layers to the Social Media process and we are here to help you navigate around the maze.  Social media is so much more than just posting a status update on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

You need to have an in-depth understanding about who your target audience is, marketing mindset and social media landscape.  Social media is about leveraging all the online opportunities available to grow your brand ONLINE and to grow your business OFFLINE.

On this website you will find:

– Online Marketing Resources and Tools Recommendations

– Online Marketing Minute Videos

– “Get Smarter” Radio

– Free and Paid Social Media eBooks

– Piece Meal Services

– “Get Smarter” Social Corner for your questions to the experts

Our vision is to provide a one-stop website for you to expand your “Online Social Smarts”.  We not only focus on using social networking sites, but  best practices; location based marketing, and growing your brand via marketing tactics such as article marketing, event marketing, email marketing, video marketing, blogging and social bookmarking.

We offer many free opportunities to expand your social media knowledge via reading, watching and listening. Please check out the Services section for the fee based services available via this website.